Hi again,

I closed all topics the same this topic and all your issues, we will reply to this topic.

1. Go to file themes/poco/inc/woocommerce/woocommerce-template-functions.php, search function poco_handheld_footer_bar_shop_link() and then overrite at file function.php – child-theme.
Edit your link and text

2. To make multiple sliders, you can use Slides Element or Revolution slider

3. Use Products Element and add to your page: https://prnt.sc/v9w9kk

4. Go to Admin -> Widgets -> Woocommerce Shop -> remove widget: https://prnt.sc/v9wao7

5. Go to Appearance -> Customize -> Woocommerce -> Product Catalog -> Change Product to row: https://prnt.sc/v9wao7

6. Go to Admin -> Widgets ->Woocommerce Detail -> add widget: https://prnt.sc/v9wexi

7. Done

Please try to follow our guide and let me know if you need to help.