I agree for 60 dollars, that’s normal.
I forgot a tip or two, but it shouldn’t be complicated for you:
– for Saint Jacques, for example, my client wants to display a price per kilo and not a price variation but that the visitor can then select the quantity he wishes to buy, with, of course, the displayed price which changes according to of the chosen quantity.
– French translation of all expressions displayed in English. They talk to me about “loco translate”, but I don’t see how we should use it to translate woocommerce terms … thank you for your help on this.
– finally, last point, it concerns the part “create an account”. The site testers want to break this part down into 2 different stages: stage 1, the visitor enters his email; step 2, the visitor enters his name, first name, physical address and telephone. The “send” button allows you to send the password, as is already the case.
– With this change, this allows the system to be more human by displaying the “my account” section with “hello fabienne” rather than “hello contact” because the email address was “[email protected]” 😉
Do you understand my approach?