Thanks for your help so far in getting my website up to date.

Please I have a few more issues for you to help me on.

On the category page, there is no price widget and rating but it’s activated but they don’t show up as seen. https://prnt.sc/v93gcp

I have decided to use the fullwidth page but want to keep the banner as shown on the screenshot to match the full width. http://prnt.sc/v93h4o

Some of the product layouts doesn’t match the full with as shown http://prnt.sc/v93i1c

Lastly, the header is wider on the homepage than it is on the product page, as shown https://prnt.sc/v93il4 https://prnt.sc/v93jek

If you can help me fix the search page as it’s also close to the logo.

And that should be all for now.

Thanks for your help once again.