Thanks for your help so far in getting my website up and running. I have a few issues in which I need your help.

1. The widget for price and rating on the product page is not showing even though it has been activated, please can you help have a look? https://prnt.sc/v93l1d

2. I have decided to use the full width for my website, however, I have noticed the banner doesn’t align with it as shown https://prnt.sc/v93lim is it possible to have it align with the full width?

Also some of the product category on the homepage as shown http://prnt.sc/v93m63

3. I have noticed that the header on the homepage is more distance than the one on the product page, Is it possible to adjust this? Preferrable to the product page width as shown https://prnt.sc/v93mhr. http://prnt.sc/v93ne0

Also, the search bar is not separating from the logo even when I tried.

Thanks for your help once again.