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    pls how can i add icons in Dashboard –> Booking Object –> Amenities
    it has option for image, i add there the image but not showing in page


    Can you check pls?


    Please take a photo screenshot about this issue, I can’t check your link page

    Support Expired

    Pls login to have access to the page, you have the creds,
    Just try to add an icon in amenities,
    You will see the issue, no image display in ametities list.
    Pls check


    Did you mean to show the icon here:

    This is a custom request as I explained in another thread, and you have to pay for it

    Support Expired

    But why to pay
    There is an option but it don’t work
    Why to pay for something it’s not working right??
    There is option to add image, icon or even class
    Why you told me to pay for this??


    #1. That item widget as I explained, it’s not for single tour template
    #2. That widget item also doesn’t display the Icon as on the demo we have shown, having the field icon or image is just waiting data, you want to display it, you have to write more code.
    #3. We only charge for customization if the request is outside of the available support from the theme.

    Support Expired

    I cannot understand this sorry,
    So what’s the point to be there
    It’s really frustrating
    Tell em what is the cost then for add icons and add different icons per single accommodation page


    Looks like we’re getting it wrong.
    I’m referring to your problem here:

    I asked if I should add an icon to this list and didn’t get a response.

    We need to clarify this issue to avoid misunderstanding.

    Again, please clarify the problem in this topic by taking a screenshot or sending me the link page about the issue you are talking about.

    Support Expired

    Yes Billy,
    I need to have icons in the amenities list. You have understand correctly.

    So I need to add icons in each amenity and show up in list.
    The second I need is to choose in single accommodation page
    The amenities to show and of course also with the icons.

    For example an icon with a swimming pool, another with a bed etc

    I hope its clear now


    Ok, I have quoted the custom price in the other thread, please check.
    I will close this topic, any questions please reply in this topic:

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