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    Hi there,
    I am using triply theme (Tour booking demo). I have different packages in my website.
    Now I have made packages with sub categories and I want it like, When user clicks on any package, he gets to see the main package with its sub packages listed in the same screen. User should have the option to select any package within the displayed sub packages.

    For example: I Have a package named “Jetski Ride”

    It should have three different sub packages like
    1- Jetski Ride with 30 mins
    2- Jetski Ride with 60 mins
    3- Jetski Ride with 90 mins

    Within the same screen.

    Now if user wants to book “Jetski Ride with 60 mins”. It should just show and calculate us the price of this specific package on the same page named “Jetski Ride”.

    Currently, I have added sub categories (Jetski Ride with 30 mins, Jetski Ride with 60 mins, Jetski Ride with 90 mins) as “Add Extra” and when user selects anyone of them, It calculates the add extra price with the main package price, which is not right.

    Can you propose any solution for it or does the theme has any option for this?

    NOTE: I am using a staging URL to develop the website and once the website gets finished, I will transfer it to the main domain.



    Currently the plugin does not provide sub package functionality for booking objects. So you will have to create separate booking objects for each sub package.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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