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    Check Pincode on Product page

    No matter what pincode i put in this, it says unserviceable. i want to either remove this option from my product page, or want to know how to corrently enter pincodes in it.

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    Hi there,

    About this issue, please send Admin web account for me, I will check and try to help you.

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    Please read my comments carefully and provide enough information so I can assist you. Please do not respond irresponsibly, we are wasting time with unnecessary things.

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    I would like to remove the option for comparing products as well. There is no need for it on my website.

    And one final thing, during checkout, the checkout box keeps loading, making it unable to proceed to pay. Can you find out the reason for this please? I am attaching a photo for it.
    it keeps loading well after filling all the details as well.


    Hi again,

    #1. Pincode check: Please follow guide this plugin at Shiprocket, we don’t support this plugin

    #2. Remove compare: ok, I have just deactivated this plugin

    #3. This issue from Shiprocket plugin, I deactivated this plugin and it’s works normally:

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    can you help me by removing the option of checkout when you hover on the cart? i just want the “view cart” option there.



    I don’t understand this issue, please take a photo screenshot about this issue, I will check again.

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    Hello, there was an update in the smart wishlist plugin and now upon clicking the wishlist icon on the main page at the top, no page is opening. Can you please check once? Password is the same.



    I fixed this issue, please recheck:

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    when i click the wishlist button, it is taking me to a broken page. i have attached a photo.



    Oh, sorry, I fixed this issue, please recheck

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    Hello, whenever someone adds something to the cart, its not visible on the screen that the action has been done. Can these two things be done so that the person is encouraged to buy,

    1. a message that comes on the screen below that says “your item has been added to the cart” and same for wishlist “your item has been added to the wishlist”
    2. fixing the cart and wishlist icon at the top right so that as the user scrolls down, the widgets stay in place, in both desktop and mobile version.


    Hi you,

    #1. The plugin does not support notifications as you would like, it only shows the shopping cart or wishlist when the product is added.
    – Cart:
    – Wishlist:

    #2. The cart and wishlist icons are still showing on the menu when you scroll in both desktop and mobile, please check again
    – Desktop:
    – Mobile:

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)

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