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    Buenas tardes! Good afternoon!

    Do anyone support in spanish here?

    If there’s not, I continue… I really hope that u can help me

    In my WP website I added the TriplyTheme, actually I fix an issue from this helpdesk (thanks4that), but, I have another problem, I really don’t wanna create 1by1 tour from my WP dashboard using the BA Booking Plugin ’cause they’re a few hundreds so… instead, I wanna add a Hook into the functions.php file of ChildTheme and CONSUME a query from my MySQL DB, that way, I just’ll consume the data necessary in specific areas, 4 example, in the body (content from the Theme -> Popular Tours).

    My problem is, that the files are very complicated to me, so, I wish ur help for tell me exaclty which file do I should search? and, if is possible to add an action to an current class o element that is used in the body.

    I added some SS to better explaination:example area Popular Tours from website body

    example 2 Tour Detail from website body



    I don’t understand what you are talking about, your explanation is very difficult to understand. Please take a screenshot and explain your problem better.

    Support Expired

    I’m sorry sir seems the SS doesn’t appear

    example area Popular Tours from website body

    example 2 Tour Detail from website body

    I understand my english isn’t very well, let me resume my issue.

    I just need to connect my WP website with my MySQL database, BUT WITHOUT PLUGIN, and the best way FOR ADD SOME CODE INTO the WordPress Core, or in this case, INTO TRIPLY THEME is using “Hooks”

    Reference 1:
    Reference 2:

    why reason? I HAVE A HUNDRED OF TOURS and I don’t wanna add them MANUALLY from my WordPress dashboard, so I guess that creating a SQL query and consume him from my triply theme using Hooks, really resolve my issue, but, I don’t find the correct file (from Triply Theme) where the sections showed in previous SS.



    That is, you already have a database of tours, and now you want to connect to the website to display these tours on the website:
    1. The data structure of the tour on the website and the data from your MySQL data is different, so it is difficult for it to connect them together.
    2. The data of the tours on the website needs to be synchronized with the data of the whole website, because it also serves many functions and display places.
    => The best way is that you have to synchronize your data with the data of the tour booking on the website, then use the code to import the data into the website’s data.

    Support Expired

    Hi there!

    I understand, I need to synchronize my current DB with the data of the website, at least the structure, right? the price, details, tour name, inclusions/exclusions… but there is other problem: the BA Booking plugin, it will be still usefully with the searchs? The schedule form? The book button itself? Even if I do not use the WP dashboard for put and get the tours data?



    You mean after data sync we can skip BA Booking plugin?

    We customize the theme based on the functions of the BA Booking plugin, of course this plugin is important and cannot be ignored.
    Your data is only responsible for synchronizing and updating the website’s data for the BA Booking plugin to process and access this data.
    => In short: you need to keep the plugins + themes intact if you want to use our Booking object functionality.

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