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    Can Additional Information be Text and Not Accordions…. check on the pricing tab

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    Hey @Billy Nguyen can I add Custom Field in Tour..??



    Yes, of course, but you have to read and understand the code written in the theme, we support filter hooks so you can insert optional fields for tour booking.

    Ex: add field video link for booking object

    add_action('cmb2_booking_obj_after_av_dates', 'triply_booking_add_custom_field', 10);
           function triply_booking_add_custom_field($cmb) {
                    'name'     => esc_html__('Video link', 'triply'),
                    'id'       => 'triply_video_link',
                    'type'     => 'oembed',
                    'desc'     => sprintf(
                        esc_html__('Enter a youtube, twitter, or instagram URL. Supports services listed at %s.', 'triply'),
                        '<a href=""></a>'
                    'sortable' => true, // beta

    I Already find out but now my tour search filter in the home page doesn’t show select options


    Hi again,

    Please check your site:


    Hello Billy i have one question sometimes i got few css errors like elements are changing without me changing them



    Recently, we have updated a lot of issues related to the theme, so if you update the theme it may lose css or cause some minor errors. Please let me know the exact problem you are having, I will look into it and assist you

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)

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