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    Hello, i tried to Import Demo HOME 3 , 2 .. but they dont imported Full Content and Menu, only uploaded Pictures.
    how can i Import Full Page same Demo? or who is my problem?


    Hi there,

    I have checked and found that all the pages have been imported to your site, everything is ok now.

    Let me know if you need to help.


    Thank you, reinstalled all Pages and Worpress, again installed, its worked this time.if i have any problem write back 🙂


    Ok, keep contact with us when you need to help and don’t forget vote 5 stars for our team.



    I can not edit any Page, i want to install Demo3, but if i click to Edit with Elementor, i get only blankpage. I tryed with safemode, Deactivate all Plugins,… reinstall again theme and plugins… dont worked.

    Can you chekck please and reinstall All Themes , put Home3 (same Demo), with working Elementor.
    Thank you


    Hi again,

    I checked and fixed for you, please recheck your site:


    Thank you but its same!! Blankpage !

    how can i fix it? or who is problem?


    I checked page it’s ok now.

    Let me know the page you are editing and get the error so I can check your problem again


    its same!




    Please delete all cache on your browser and recheck. I checked and it still works normally.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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