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    on the attached capture, a nice drop-down menu is present. This is “home 1”. By selecting the same menu, I don’t get this menu. Can you help me make it appear?
    thank you in advance


    Hi there,

    Step1 : Creat new menu and add item for menu:

    Step 2:Click Mega to add icon and Submenu for Item menu:

    Step 3: Save menu

    Step 4: In tab Manage Locations, select your menu for Vertical Menu

    If you need to help, please send Admin web account for me. I will check and help you


    thank you 😉


    I understand the principle of construction but I cannot access the very first phase of creating the menu: in the selection of the elements of the vertical menu, I cannot find the lines which should compose it (in your example: fruits & vegetables , supplyments, …)
    Where do you find them?
    Thank you


    Hi again,

    1. Create Category product and then, in menu editor, add category product into menu:
    Or you can create Custom link with your link and text:, then add to menu


    how do we create a product category in which we will find precisely our product categories?


    I am not able to create this vertical menu present on “home-1” and which presents the different sections of my shop.
    thanks for the help


    I created menus for the vertical section using “customs links” which I saved in a new menu created and named “vertical”. I then clicked on each “mega” of each menu line. The window that opens offers me several options. I simply clicked on “Sub Mega menu position left”.
    Except that afterwards, I don’t see anything more. What must we do ? How do I integrate this vertical menu into my main page? Or even in other pages?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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