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    I have my own elementor pro license and have activated it.

    How can I use this to edit there single product page that is already provided by the theme?

    I can create new ones using the theme builder, but I only want to slightly tweak the one provided by the theme? How do I do this? Can you provide a template file to import?

    Many thanks,


    Hi there,

    Thanks for contact with us.

    Our theme didn’t use theme builder for single product, we use default template from woocommerce and custom code.

    And next version, maybe, we will update Elementor buider for single product.



    Hi Billy,

    Thanks for the quick replyl.

    Is there anyway I can add a section below the product section/woocommerce tabs which I can type content in and HTML code on the woocommerce product page?

    Want to be able to add a customisable content section which is different on each product page..


    HI again,

    Yes, please go to Dashboard -> Elementor -> Settings -> tick to Product to enable Edit with Elementor:

    Then go to edit product, select Edit with Elementor.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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