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    How do I edit Testimonials? They are blank on elementor –



    About this issue, please update the latest version theme (Version 1.2.4), we fixed this issue.


    Ok I think my search is not working. Can you try to check here – it never gives a result


    Another issues
    1. How can I disable the Calendar with prices on the destination pages?
    2. How can I make the tour plan not to display when empty?
    3. Do I have to pay for the Google API for the Tour Map to work?


    Hi again,

    #1. Search page: please go to Ba Settings -> Genaral tabs -> Select search result page -> Select Tour list top search:

    #2. Disable the Calendar with prices:
    – Step 1: Go to Theme Builder -> Tour Detail 3 -> Edit with Elementor:

    – Step 2: Click Edit Item widget Item calendar and delete it:

    #3. Make the tour plan not to display when empty
    It is the fixed headers that are pulled by Elementor widget, so it is not possible to check a condition with content.

    #4. Yes, you must purchase this Google service in order to display the map


    Aaah good stuff. We are almost there but a few more questions.

    1. Where do I edit the “Tours List View” title? –
    2. How can I make the front “Explore” section to display featured items only or to be random? –


    Hi again,

    #1. Please go to Edit page -> Edit title page:

    #2. On this theme, we just support Order by Price and Rating:


    Okay thanks, I found a way to get around that. Can you check for me why some of the gallery and video buttons are not working? Button shows but it’s somehow disabled.
    See – and


    About this issue, please your old domain and new domain:


    Interesting… how do I fix this? old subdomain was just a preview location before moving to it rightful location


    About this issue, please send Admin web account ( main domain ) for me, I will check and try to help you.

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    Please send Admin web account for me and set as private reply:

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