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    First of all, amazing template, im very satisfied with purchase πŸ™‚
    I already start modifying it, but few things concern me:

    1) is it possible to hide date of review ? Can it be added without creating account on website ?

    2) Why some of old tour entries have chooseable buttons like that https://prnt.sc/115vacq when others dont? where can i set it up ?

    3) Can i disable some sections from the upper point ? like tour map ?

    4) Why some of pages have title on center https://prnt.sc/115vbt0 when some not https://prnt.sc/115vcbw ?

    5) Is it normal that google map doesnt work properly? or should i fix it somehow ? https://prnt.sc/115vcu0

    6) For what are thoose fields for ? i cant spot them anywhere https://prnt.sc/115vdp6

    7) How can i activate thoose fields ? where are they visible https://prnt.sc/115vf11 ? i added it to “safari blue” but can’t see it anywhere

    8) where can i rename “booking types” ?

    9) search doesnt work, dunno why

    10) Is it possible to add language button for multiple languages ?

    11) I read that there is option to “pay later” for the trips, but i cant add anything to cart and proceed with it, can you tell me why ?

    I check whole forums for this answers, cant find, so hopefully you can help me with that

    Thanks πŸ™‚


    Hi there,

    #1. Hide date review: I removed it for you.

    #2. Tour detail Style 1: Please go to Settings -> Custom Setup Themes -> Tour detail template: Tour Detail 1: https://prnt.sc/1173tb4

    I added for you.

    #3. Edit some sections: Please go to Single Tour detail -> Edit with Elementor -> Tour Detail 1: https://prnt.sc/1173vs9
    Then, On page Edit single tour, you can edit tabs: https://prnt.sc/1173y16

    #4. There are 2 different styles, you can choose the style in #2.

    #5. You need to purchase Google API key: https://prnt.sc/11743k5
    Follow guide at https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/embed/get-api-key

    #6. This taxonomy is used to filter booking objects when you create filter fields for it.
    View demo at http://dev3.wpopal.com/triply/tours-list-sidebar/

    #7. It appears in the Additional Information section, but you must add this customization in style tour detail, see # 3: https://prnt.sc/11749ja

    #8. Please go to https://zanzibar.tours/wp-admin/edit-tags.php?taxonomy=ba_types&post_type=to_book Edit or remove or add new booking types

    #9. I fixed this issue.

    #10. This plugin support qTranslate plugin.

    #11. Our theme yet support Woocommerce plugin, so that you need to deactive this plugin to checkout when booking tour object.


    Thank you so much for answers it helped me a lot πŸ™‚

    few more then
    1) Is it possible to add more reviews https://prnt.sc/11817h1 from admin panel or should i edit front page of template ? Are theese reviews are visible somewhere in admin panel ?

    2) Can i import whole block for example from demo 2 (https://prnt.sc/11819nu) into demo 1 which i have uploaded as theme without importing demo 2 ?

    3) I will only have 1 destination with 2 cities https://prnt.sc/1181o6x , is it possible to remove “all destinations” text ? Then replace it with <main> Country <sub> 2 cities ?

    4) Is it possible to harvest somehow reviews from each tours https://prnt.sc/11820hr ? As i see it is marked not as review but as a comment https://prnt.sc/11821ib , i want to create “testimonials” page where i can gather all the reviews from tours

    5) Where can i config “contact form” ?

    6) by deaufult my website on mobile devices are displaying like that after i click menu https://prnt.sc/1182vew is it possible to set it to be open with slided down tour menu https://prnt.sc/1182wd9 by deafult?

    7) Can one of thoose fields be removed ? https://prnt.sc/1182zqj

    8) I edited the main page https://prnt.sc/118317n , but it seems that it wasnt edited on for example tour page, should i edit each page for that data ?

    Thanks in advance for answers πŸ™‚



    #1. Please go to Edit page with Elementor -> Triply Testimonial -> Edit: https://prnt.sc/1183l3n

    #2. Yes, you need to edit all page with Elementor-> Click edit Section -> Copy section -> Paste into your page.

    #3. Yes, but you need to edit code on this theme.

    #4. Yes, you can create new page and add form contact for all your booking object.

    #5. Edit page contact with Elementor -> Edit form -> Edit field or config: https://prnt.sc/1183qme

    #6. I don’t understand this issue

    #7. Yes, follow #3 – my comment

    #8. Yes, you need to edit each blog item

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