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    How can i edit the content of the header Section. I am using Header3 and allready have checked Freshio Options, header3 php code, but a cannot find how to edit the text and contents of header.

    Header Image


    Hi you,

    I have just installed the Loco translate plugin and setup language for you, please go to translate text on theme
    -> Search your text and add translate:

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    hello Billy, thanks for the reply.

    But what I really wanted to know is how to edit the contents. For example, if I click on the header3/ client area icon, if I want to change the options that appear, where should I edit? Any ini files? Is it possible to edit through Elementor?



    We support 4 header files for you, don’t use elementor template for this theme.
    So to edit headers, you need to overwrite these header files.
    Now I have overridden header-3 in the child-theme for you, you need to go to this header file to edit it:

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