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    Hi again thank you for helping and your support i need some more detail
    1. where i can change term and condition page which show on the booking form (You have to edit “Terms & Conditions” page to replace this start content with your own). and remove the text from the form

    2. the tour page is connected to a custom page which is demo do i need to make i need page or no ? or the page will automatically pick my tours packages.. as well as there are tour type (tour list- list view and tour list top search) is there any option in the backend to select one of them,,,


    Hi you,

    #1. Please go to BA Settings -> General tab -> Select Terms & Conditions page:

    #2. I changed this link for you, please recheck.

    Support Expired

    hi again
    in the booking form on mobile before selecting date it show different(small) when you select date is show different (before selecting date) (after selecting date)


    Of course, when you choose a date, options for the booking object will be loaded into the form for you to choose from. So the booking form will change

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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