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    My website organized 1-2 week trips. We do not organize tours that have a specific start/end time.

    Now when I add s single time event, I am FORCED to add the start/end tour. Not only that, those times will be shown in the detail page of the trip 🙁 🙁

    A trip does NOT need to display those times 🙁 Clients will need to see the number of days, price and start/end date, not the times 🙁

    How can I hide/show the time/dates in the right sidebar? I see no option. See the link below.




    Before, you asked not to select travel dates in the booking object form and I came up with a solution to set a fixed date for these booking objects.
    Switching to a fixed date for booking objects requires a start + end time and requires it to show up in the booking form. In addition, this information will also be displayed when you checkout and displayed in the order details, confirmation email when you successfully book a tour.
    If you want to hide all of this information, we will have to intervene in the code to hide all of this information, this will take time and you will have to pay an additional custom fee for this request.


    Thanks a lot. Let me think about it.

    One more question, please.

    For now, I do NOT want to have any payment option for the trips. I want to see the price and be redirected to a form to fill in their information. Is that possible?

    The groups will be for 50 people and nobody will pay the price for 50 people. So, I want them to see the price for 1 person, and the pay button should redirect them to a form to make the pre-reservation. Is that a possibility?


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    Thanks a lot. However, how could I have the default booking form if I wanted to? Could you please tell me? Now, I see the button (perfect), but what if I wanted to have the booking sidebar form back? What would I need to do?


    – You can user widget Booking form for this page template: https://prnt.sc/UXPGAjIqLJci
    – You can use Elementor’s Form widget to create contact form or use WPForm plugin: https://prnt.sc/VPn0bByXmSWR


    Thanks a lot. It worked. Thanks


    Ok, let me know if you need to help.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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