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    Dear Pavo team!

    I just bought the SHOPIC template. I did the installation. Of the prefabricated templates, I would like to use “home4”. The import is almost good, but the slider does not load (error message: slider with alias home 4 not found.), And the color of the header is not correct either, it is not like on the demo page. Could you please help? Thank you very much!



    Hi there,

    I can’t check your site, please recheck:


    Hello! 🙂

    Thank you so much for dealing with my problem! Honorable!

    It works for me, in all browsers.

    That error message doesn’t appear in Chrome (the page simply appears without a slider). There is also an error message in the “Edge” browser.

    + One more question: The description of the template says that the ‘revolution slider’ plugin is included in the full version, but in my case the software asks me to activate it.
    Did I mess something up?

    Thanks again!


    Hi again,

    Maybe, your hosting block my IP.

    #1. Import data slider: please download data and re-import slider Data Slider

    #2. We bought an extended license to be able include it in our theme, and we own only one license key (as well as in case with single license), theme buyers are not allowed to use that key.

    To update the new version, please deactivate the current plugin, download the new plugin at and re-install.


    Thank you for the answer!

    The .zip file you are sending contains images. I uploaded these to storage in the appropriate folder. – OK

    Where do I import the two .txt files? I tried the RevSlider import function (with slider_export.txt) but it throws an error message. 🙁

    Forgive me for the question, but I haven’t used the revslider yet. Thanks!


    Excuse me, I was stupid. 🙂
    The entire .zip file must be imported! 🙂
    Now super!


    Ok, let me know if you need to help.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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