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    Question, how or where can I customize the following:

    1) Design of “sigle products”, “products archive”, “filter products”.
    2) Change the mode of the search engine, currently a white background appears and the search box, giving the feeling that it leaves the store, I wish it was more classic so that the web is not hidden and I can use it with autocomplete plugins in advanced searches.

    Currently in elementor I only have the header and footer template to customize, I want to make changes to the colors, icons and others but I don’t see the customization panel for these elements.


    Hi there,

    #1. Our theme use default template woocommerce and custom code to show single product and Archive product.
    To Custom page single product and Archive product, you can use Elementor buider.

    Go to Dashboard -> Templates -> Theme buider -> Tab Single Product -> Add New Single Product to create new template for produc single, then add Widget Element to page
    With Archive Product: Dashboard -> Templates -> Theme buider -> Tab Products Archive

    #2. Search box: Our demo didn’t support search box in the header. Where do you want to show search box?

    Please send your link site for me, I need to check.

    Edit Color default, please go to Elementor Setting ->Site Setting -> Global Color and change your color.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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