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    Hello Pavothemes staff,

    Thank you for your great support thus far.

    I just purchased a Triply theme but I’m continuing to learn how to use it. I was wondering if you had any guides on how to use or program a log-in/user system.

    I need help finding information regarding a sign-up and log-in feature for my website to create experiences for different kinds of users:

    USER 1. Can log-in as users and checkout certain tours with a payment system. If this already exist, where/how can I find it?

    USER 2. Can log-in as tour creators and post their own tours freely and possibly accepting payments from paypal etc.

    I am not asking someone to create this on my website, but if you have any direction or advice to create these user interfaces, I would be very grateful.

    Many thanks!


    If anyone in the community has any advice, please feel free to comment below! All comments and information is appreciated!


    Hi there,

    Thanks for your idea.

    #1.USER 1: yes, our theme support this idea: https://prnt.sc/10dcy75

    Payment system: You can check at https://ba-booking.com/shop/downloads/ba-book-everything-payment-pack/

    #2 USER 2: Currently we have not developed this idea, but this is a very good idea, we will research to update in the upcoming versions.


    Thank you so much! I appreciate the information and the advice.


    Reply to: “#1.USER 1: yes, our theme support this idea: https://prnt.sc/10dcy75”

    I was wondering how can I apply or activate this? Please advise thank you!


    I have just fixed this issue for your site, please recheck.

    Let me know if you need to help and don’t forget vote 5 stars for our team on themeforest.net

    Many thanks!


    Thank you so much Billy! You’re awesome! I’ll definitely vote 5 stars on themeforest.net!


    We are all happy to hear it. Your words and 5 star rating motivates us a lot to work hard and help you well.

    Waiting for your rating!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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