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    As my answer is not shown in this topic ( when I try to reply, I try it again here:
    The Icons Site is not imported (but linked in the menue)
    I’ve imported the demo Data of Home 11
    In my understanding, the Icons example Page should be imported with the demo importer, as when I impor tthe demo, it will automatically create a link in the menue to this site. But when I click on this link ( I will get an 403 error.

    So there are now two options in my view:

    • The demo import is creating a wrong link, and should link to the demo instance of the theme (like the demo importer does that for the 404 Error Page:
    • The Demo Importer is missing the Icons Site, as I can’t find it after the import in my WordPress instance when I check all my available Sites

    Hi again,

    On Our demo, We use the custom link to add a link for the page, so that, when import the demo, you need to edit this link.

    I tried to guide you to change it, please, please follow it.

    If you can’t make yourself, please send Admin web account for me again, I will help you.

    Support Expired

    Hi Billy

    To what should I change the link? If the desired Icon Page is not imported by your demo importer, I only can delete the wrong menue element.


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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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