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    In the Most Popular area, all my travel plans appear. I just want to make 5 appear as in your template. I saw that the html tag for this area is [all-items]
    What html tag could I use to have only 5 objects?
    Thank you


    Hi again,
    How to fix this error please:


    Hi you,

    Looks like there’s a problem with your booking objects. Last time, after running setup again, I saw these booking objects show up.
    However, you have somehow customized or changed this data so it cannot be displayed.

    I tried using the default shortcode of the BA booking plugin as well as using another default theme, all to not being able to display these booking objects as before.

    Now I will run the price setup for all your booking objects again to reset the data, however the price of the bookings you have set up will be changed and you will have to set it up again.
    In case it still can’t solve this problem, we will have to reinstall from scratch, I’m sorry about that.


    Thank you for your previous help.
    I just created custom maps as you can see in the map above:
    How can I integrate it into the tours map.
    The second concern is again a bug from Elementor that stopped working.
    Finally, the popular tours area, does not display my tours as I programmed it.


    Hi again,

    #1. You need to use embed code from map provider then use HTML widget to embed this code.

    #2. bug from Elementor: please take a photo screenshot about this issue

    #3. Show tours on the popular tours area: #post-12294


    Questions 1 and 2:
    1- Before Elementor was displayed there and allowed me to change the side menu in the three right bars (3)
    2- I want to change these little buttons with the whatsapp icon. Where can I do it?

    Point 4 :
    4 – I want to change “Tour Plan” to “Itinerary” in my different tours. Where can I make the change?



    I can’t login your admin dashboard, please check and send for me again.

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    #1. Your site conflict with the Autoptimize plugin, I deactivated this plugin and Elementor show again.

    #2,3: Please go to Edit header builder -> Navigator -> Disable Section 2 -> Click Widget -> edit:

    #4. Please go to Edit single tour template and edit

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    Thank you very much for your help. I really appreciate it.


    Ok, let me know if you need to help.


    What plugin do you recommend for currency conversion? I am looking for a plugin adapted to the theme and allowing the automatic adaptation of amounts to the currency by geolocation.


    Oh sorry, I haven’t experienced for this issue.

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