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    Support Expired

    Wehn updating Elementor Pro, The Shopic js is now throwing an error:

    jquery.min.js?ver=3.5.1:formatted:4019 Uncaught TypeError: e.indexOf is not a function
        at S.fn.init.S.fn.load (jquery.min.js?ver=3.5.1:formatted:4019)
        at elementor-frontend-1f516338a7cfabf68360a8dc333fcffc.js:formatted:36
        at _runHook (frontend.min.js?ver=3.0.14:formatted:3115)
        at Object.doAction (frontend.min.js?ver=3.0.14:formatted:3140)
        at e.exports.runReadyTrigger (frontend.min.js?ver=3.0.14:formatted:4381)
        at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous> (frontend.min.js?ver=3.0.14:formatted:3296)
        at Function.each (jquery.min.js?ver=3.5.1:formatted:160)
        at S.fn.init.each (jquery.min.js?ver=3.5.1:formatted:78)
        at _default.runElementsHandlers (frontend.min.js?ver=3.0.14:formatted:3295)
        at _default.onInit (frontend.min.js?ver=3.0.14:formatted:3312)

    I debugged and it appears that the Shopic js is using vendored Elementor code and the deprecated window.load function. The js needs to be updated:

    The affected js file is [site]/wp-content/cache/min/1/wp-content/themes/shopic/assets/js/elementor-frontend-1f516338a7cfabf68360a8dc333fcffc.js:formatted

    Support Expired

    Here are the versions of Elementor that have this problem:

    Version 3.0.14

    Elementor Pro
    Version 3.0.8

    On our staging site, these versions have no problem:

    Version 3.0.13

    Elementor Pro
    Version 3.0.5

    Support Expired

    I further diagnosed the issue, and it turns out it is not Elementor.

    The problem is due to the Shopic theme not being updated to be compatible with the version of jQuery that is vendored into WordPress 5.6.

    Wordpress 5.6 features an updated version of jQuery that is 4 years newer than the one in WordPress 5.5.6.

    Here is more information:


    Hi there,

    I have just checked your site. Very, very plugins install on your site.

    #1. Backup your site when update WordPress version.
    #2. Deactivate all plugins and re-check
    #3. Active Twenty Twenty-One theme and re-check.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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