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    Here is an overall point of my client’s requests
    Many things were easy to change, but these require your intervention. Thank you for your invaluable help so far. I have listed my requests to you in a consistent manner.
    – Increase the size of the band on which the logo is located so that the logo is therefore larger in height. Warning: depending on whether you are on the main page or secondary pages, the header undergoes changes in the position of the elements (phone, search bar, etc.). In fact, the settings on the main page are fine (except the search box which needs to be shortened), it is the others that have undergone a change -> it should be done as the header of the main page.
    – On the menu bar, my client wants to have a special “circled” menu (like the mega menu), just after the mega menu, which is therefore surrounded, like the mega menu, but which leads to a special page. This menu is important for him because it implies that the visitor will click on it. He doesn’t just want an item identical to the other items on the menu. This is the “premium products” page.
    – The menu bar which was green and which you changed to orange is fine. On the other hand, the hover of the different menus is also orange, so you don’t drink it when the mouse is on it. It must be changed to # e3a333.

    The shop :
    – On this page and therefore for all its products, we would like the price displayed is not the price variation (example € 0.72 – € 15.73) but the price per kilo. Indeed, the customer better represents the price of these products with a displayed price per kilo rather than the price range. This request concerns products that offer price variations according to weight.
    – The different products of the store are presented on a dark slate. Around each product photo there should be an outline # cc531d 2mm thick. I couldn’t find where to set it up.
    – On the product pages for which there are variations, when we select a value, the result is displayed above; I would like the selected values ​​to change color by passing to # e3a333 so the customer can better visualize the choices he has made.
    – When we select a variation (example oysters in “basket of 128 pieces”, it is possible to add a quantity afterwards. Except that the displayed price does not change. Can we make the buyer see the price? recalculated to then add it to your cart?

    Thank you very much for your involvement throughout this development. Well done for your theme, even if he asked to come back to it 😉

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    I agree for 60 dollars, that’s normal.
    I forgot a tip or two, but it shouldn’t be complicated for you:
    – for Saint Jacques, for example, my client wants to display a price per kilo and not a price variation but that the visitor can then select the quantity he wishes to buy, with, of course, the displayed price which changes according to of the chosen quantity.
    – French translation of all expressions displayed in English. They talk to me about “loco translate”, but I don’t see how we should use it to translate woocommerce terms … thank you for your help on this.
    – finally, last point, it concerns the part “create an account”. The site testers want to break this part down into 2 different stages: stage 1, the visitor enters his email; step 2, the visitor enters his name, first name, physical address and telephone. The “send” button allows you to send the password, as is already the case.
    – With this change, this allows the system to be more human by displaying the “my account” section with “hello fabienne” rather than “hello contact” because the email address was “[email protected]” 😉
    Do you understand my approach?

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