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    1- Problem : For mobil under the side come 4 options for sale my acc search and wishlist I will place for the 4 side change name and change web link

    https://imgyukle.com/i/HhUKHH pls add the change text add the freshio child place ty

    2 – Problem : For mobil under side when I push Produkt its come kategory its one of the page for my every kategory I will only see lang kategory sytsem logo cart menu under side only kategory I dont want see header and footer but just only that kategory page like under the pic I will see language logo up place is ok just the what I deleted but only that page and for the kategory I can just use plus for symbol when I change that it comes problem for symbol

    https://imgyukle.com/i/HhU4Kc & https://imgyukle.com/i/HhUfxe

    3- Problem : just for mobilll https://imgyukle.com/i/HhWSg8 when I push the add to basket it come 3 option for what they have when I push bild or name its ok but when ı push the add to basket it must be go cart and when it stay card and change the piece it doesnt auto change

    4- Problem : I dont know have or not have maybe I dont found that the problem I will add the product piece kg gram etc how I can do that …

    Lastly 5 – Problem :for tax it has 2 option in our product food %7 no food %19 how I add for every product and for some of the drink it has depozit 0,25 cent cost how I add that too pls help me when that soluted my every problem is over.

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    firstly thank you for 1q and 2q is soluted for the 5 tax is ok but When some of the product have price for example 1 euro is cola but every drik plastik have 0.25 cost how I can choose and add that here

    for 3th question I mean for mobil I must push 2 time when I add some of the product but I will just 1 time push only here https://imgyukle.com/i/HhWSg8 the add the cart.
    like that https://imgyukle.com/i/HBQuV1 when ı push the bild or number or price its come its ok its look good butt when I will buy I must push 2 time https://imgyukle.com/i/HBQIdG I will just 1 time push for the buying but for bild or price —– up place is ok under place for buying just 1 time.. I hope I explain what I mean..

    and when the product come the cart https://imgyukle.com/i/HBQ4X1 I will change the piece like that https://imgyukle.com/i/HBQwaG but I will it must price etc auto change for the change I dont want to push here every time like that https://imgyukle.com/i/HBrOw8

    and for the 4 question https://imgyukle.com/i/HByo58 I want to like that for example 5€/piece or kg or anything just that for the system I couldnt found it

    thanks for quickly antwort and solution

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    Hi, thanks for every solution for the custom I look every problem after that I will completly write you 100 dolar is good ok np

    secondly after the 3 css for mobile I have some problem https://imgyukle.com/i/HG21ne for product has 3 option I dont want to see thats why its coming Idk.. I will only 1 time push for up place come the 3 option but when I push 1 time down place for add to card it come direkt my cart…( maybe the problem is for wp rocket ) firstly ı dont see that problem

    3 th and the under side have 3 think acc search and wish list the 3 thinks broke why after the your css update it doesnt work?

    4 th and this page is very slowly for first opening why ? I dont use the all thinks and when the problem come for wp rocket and that is not good for my tema you can delete that because I dont want do that I dont want be problem they sad to me when I deleted that maybe it comes problem..

    and 5 th lastly for elementor and slidery pls for me do update because for elementor has pro and the slider revolution too thanks for help and solution I wish good day…


    I can’t check your site, please send hosting account for me. I will check and try to help you.

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