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    Monthly calendar with prices.
    It only shows the base price, and does not calculate the day by day.
    Although it says “default price” this can be confusing.
    Is it possible to calculate every day?
    If the theme doesn’t, is it possible to have a quote for a customization for me?
    Still talking about paid customizations. Is it possible for each tour to inhibit one or more payment methods? Basically I would like to buy the add-on to pay with paypal or other cards, but I would like to indicate which payments to accept for each single tour I load. This is because some tours that I host do not follow them myself but colleagues and I would like to pay in cash when they participate in the tour and I would not like to collect on my paypal and then have to return them to whoever is responsible.


    Hi there,

    #1. Set price for booking object, please follow guide at https://ba-booking.com/ba-book-everything/documentation/rates-and-prices/

    #2. Payment package: you can use this plugin https://ba-booking.com/shop/downloads/ba-book-everything-payment-pack/


    Sorry Billy, maybe I haven’t explained myself.

    I am attaching a screen so skinny I can do it better.

    The calendar showing prices does not show discounted prices but only the default price.

    Is it possible to verify the code for me by paying?



    Second question. If I buy the plugin to pay with paypal, can I decide for each single “booking object” whether to allow to pay with paypal or not?


    Hi again,

    #1.You need to remove Default price: https://prnt.sc/10u564c

    #2. Yes, when you book a tour, you can select pay late or pay via Paypal: https://prnt.sc/10u57zp


    For the # 1 PERFECT !!! πŸ™‚

    for point # 2 still no … πŸ™ I would like those who surf the site to not be able to choose … depending on what the manager specifies in the tour, they will have the option only paypal or only “pay later”.

    I guess it is a particular request, so I wanted to understand if you could develop it for me and therefore what does it cost?

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