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    this topic of ralated about another I created [can not find the categories I created, when I edit the menu], please do not feel angry because I opened a new topic, I just be afraid you miss my message.

    in the topic [can not find the categories I created, when I edit the menu], you created [Product Categories] for me, and I added categories under [Product Categories] to my main meun, it sounds the problem has been solved.

    But I found the “old” [Categories] still be there, and its attribute still is the Default Categories of my web, this make some trobles to my future work.

    for example,now I want set some discoust activities to some categories,use a plusing. But the plusing just recognitive the “old” [Categories], not [Product Categories].

    Can you delete the “old” [Categories], and set the [Product Categories](if the name can change to [Categories], that will better) to be Default Categories?



    Please take a screenshot of the problem you are talking about, I can’t understand the problem you are talking about.

    Support Expired


    #1. You need to clearly distinguish category( post ) and category product( product), it is 2 completely different categories.

    Remove category ( post) at here:

    #2. Similar to case 1, you are configuring the category of the post, not the product. Please read the documentation provided by the plugin carefully for a better understanding:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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