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    Hello Everybody,
    please i need urgent assistance with a project i am working on, it is a pizza booking website(Where customers can order pizza from) so i have a section in which there are many variation and i guess in wordpress we are only allowed to pick only 1 variation in an attribute
    what i mean is for example we have topping in a pizza,
    so a customer can only pick 1 out of this section but is there a way or a plugin which allows for customer to pick two or more items in the same variations i will appreciate assistance in this for me to finish up a project

    Thank you,


    Hi there,

    About this issue, you can use Advanced Product Fields for WooCommerce, view demo at https://product-demo.studiowombat.com/product/pizza/

    Hope will help you.


    Hello There,

    Thank for your reply i have been able to use the plugin now i have two issue
    1, if i try to increase the QUANTITY when trying to order it doesn’t work properly it only increases the default price and not the overall prices
    2, is it possible for the Product total not be affect the Grand Total because there are some customers that will pick up an item and it will be low but because of the product total prices the item is added up to the grand total


    Hi again,

    About this issue, please contact with author plugin to be supported.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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