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    Hello, I have various problems with the vertical main menu that appears on the tablet version and the mobile version of the site (to the left of the logo in the header)
    First of all, the menu icon itself which is white and which is not visible on the white background of the header except when hovering the cursor where it turns black.

    You should tell me or change the color of this icon or put it in black and # 0A472E when hovering

    When this vertical menu is unfolded it is unreadable. All the screen and gray, the icons in green and the writings of the invisible menu … ..

    The screen should not be greyed out, the menu should be white, writings and icons in black and # 0A472E on hover
    I do not see anywhere, or modify this menu. Or can we change it please?

    Finally, the menu at the bottom on mobile how can we modify it? The one with: “shop” – “my account” – “search” – “wishlist”

    I would like to translate it into French
    “Shop” “my account” “search” “wishes”

    Or can we do it?

    Knowing that I don’t want to go through a translation plugin like “loco” and have to create a test account to get an API.

    If you wish I can give you my https under construction, an admin login and a password


    Hi there,

    About all your issues, please send Admin web account for me, I will check and try to help you.

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    Hi again,

    #1. Menu css: I fixed this issue, please recheck

    #2. Translate text: I installed Loco translate plugin, now please go to page translate text on theme, search your text and add translate

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