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    Hi, i need help with this site http://www.laginestraerboristeria.it

    1. i click Slider Revolution and it will open this window https://prnt.sc/xrgt7w , so i can not edit the slider

    2. Home page – after sliders, there is a pink banner (sconto 10%) on the left. when customer resize the windows, the written appears like this:
    Sconto 1

    I need to fix it like this:

    3. Ife products have the sale label, is it possible to delete it?

    Thank u


    Hi there,

    All your issues, I have just fixed for you, please recheck.


    There is still the label discount.



    Please delete cache on your browser and recheck: https://prnt.sc/xyr19p


    On the slider button i have insert the link but there is a problem: https://prnt.sc/y0417y
    in each slider there is the same error

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    thank u!
    How can i change the favicon logo?


    Please go to Customize -> Site Identity -> Site Icon-> Add your image: https://prnt.sc/y3p9a1


    thank u!

    there is a new problem.

    There is a new order: 3114 .. customer buy 3 Ife products and she pays 49 euros

    I try to make an order (login in the site like admin). I buy the same ife products and the total is 41 euros

    the correct total is 41 .. why the total of customer is 49 euro?

    tell me if u need log credential


    I have checked 2 of your orders.
    – Different products => different prices
    – Different taxes

    Order 3114: https://prnt.sc/y4omy1
    Your Order 3117: https://prnt.sc/y4ow7k

    Please check carefully issue when sending for our team. Thanks


    Yes, I’m sorry.
    Here the problem is rounding off the total:

    when the cart total has 1/2/3/4 as the second decimal, it must be rounded to 0

    when the total trolley has 6/7/8/9 as the second decimal, it must be rounded to 5
    how should i set this rule?

    2.ife products have a discount of 10. on the shop pages you can see the product price with the discount applied.
    in the shop pages (ife product pages) is it possible to show the price without discount?
    and set that when an ife product goes to the cart, it applies the discount?


    Hi again,

    #1. I fixed it for you, please recheck.

    #2. Please check on shop page: https://prnt.sc/y7nshw

    On cart page: https://prnt.sc/y7nxma

    Again: Please check the carefully issue when sending for our team. Thanks


    #1. it is not correct. https://prnt.sc/y8y22n

    if the total amount of the cart is 55.86 or 55.87 or 55.88 or 55.89 it will be rounded to 55.85.
    If, on the other hand, the amount is 55.81 or 55.82 or 55.83 or 55.84 it will be rounded to 55.80. If it is 55.00 it remains 55.00.
    If it is 55.45 it remains 55.45

    #2 it is not correct.
    on the shop page, ife products must be shown with full price, not discounted. like other products.
    the discounted price should be shown when the product is placed in the cart.

    thank u



    #1. Woocommerce code not support your idea.

    The support function only supports round = 0 with the odd <5, the odd> = 5 will round = 1 and supports the decimal 1 or 2 or 3 numbers after the integer.

    Ex: €151,47 => €156,50: https://prnt.sc/y98bnp

    #2. This functionality of WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing plugin, we don’t support this plugin, so either you have to customize it yourself, or we can customize it for you, but you have to pay fee cusowork.


    #1 can we set the rounding down?
    ex. 56,1 56,2 56,3 56,4 56,5 56,7 56,8 56,9 = 56,00

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