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    Hi there,

    I have set up an attribute to some products as per here https://prnt.sc/hmhIwaTs4N_f

    How can I call this attribute from Elementor so I can display only these products “on special” when a button is clicked? I’ve added the attribute as per here https://prnt.sc/_bR8aYyblO4K but it’s not working.

    I’ll appreciate some input for this, please let me know if you need more information.




    Do you mean that you want this button to link to the product page whose attribute is on-sale?
    – if you need to filter on-sale products, we already support widgets according to this filter condition, you just need to create an on-sale page and select the condition that the product displays as on-sale, then attach the page link Click the button above
    – If you need to filter by product attribute (like page all Author), you will need to create a widget by this attribute, then create a page and drag this widget to the page, attach the page link to the button above.

    [email protected]

    Thanks Billy – I’ve added the widget to an on-sale page – another question on this.

    How can I make this on-sale page similar to the shop page so that it shows the Genre, author filters on the left side?

    Also – what are the other widgets that can be used for bestselling books, what’s in trend and popular purchases? How can these widgets be created if they are not available?


    [email protected]

    Please note that I’ve managed to change color on “add to cart” button on the on-sale page, via additional CSS and this so it looks consistent with the template. How can we make items under this “on-sale” widget to be displayed similar as those when shopping on other pages like here https://prnt.sc/77Opp_Az4cLN?

    Button hovering, cart icon, wishlist option, etc. to be part of the on-sale page items also.

    Many thanks.


    Hi again,

    #1. Widget sidebar:
    You will have to divide the page into 2 parts: Sidebar and content, then add the Sidebar widget to the column sidebar section: https://prnt.sc/BPsZ7gN_ib8-

    #2. Product filter: The Product Widget provides product types for you to select and display: https://prnt.sc/Hc0s7880mtiO

    #3. Products widget:
    Please use the Products widget added by us, not the product widget of the Elementor Pro plugin: https://prnt.sc/CM5KHGBmbgDU
    The styles and functions are added by us to the products widget through the theme, so if you use other products widget you won’t get these styles

    [email protected]

    Thanks Billy – question.

    How can I make it so display is similar as in the shop page?

    Just so all is consistent like showing default sorting, default number, ability to change number of products, filter, etc. like in here https://lifestylebooks.ca/shop

    Currently I have the sidebar and products OK on the -on-sale page but need to make it consistent or similar with the shop page – tried to see what might be needed but there’s only one block style as per here https://prnt.sc/Kf23CZiRMQtx – I tried also to see the shop page but it’s empty https://prnt.sc/ki8BiqED0_-0




    To reset this sidebar to be the same as the shop page sidebar and the filters to be the same as the shop page, you need to customize the css and php code in the theme.
    Shop page uses shortcode and theme settings to display without using Elementor widget for display so you won’t be able to see it in edit page.
    These customizations are quite complicated and cannot guide you.
    Either you will have to do these customizations yourself or I will customize them for you but you will have to pay a custom fee for this request.

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