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    I want to remove the footer that shows in the phone version downside
    as well as the prices and the packet icon on products
    (I want to show the products only with no ability for users tp pushes them)

    thank you


    Hi there,

    The first, So sorry for late response. Our working time is 8.00 AM – 5.00 PM, Monday to Friday (GMT+7) . In some cases, the waiting time can be extended to 48 hours . Support requests sent during weekends or public holidays will be processed on next Monday or the next working day.

    About all your issues, I have just resolved them, please recheck.

    We are very sad with your 1 star rating, hope you understand and sympathize with us.
    We have been working all week and need a break to continue supporting our customers.
    Your issue has been resolved, so I urge you to review and remove this bad review for us.


    thank you for the reply and for fixing my problem
    but you changed the website after you fix the problem:

    – bottoms colors can not change anymore, They are always white or black

    – the font changed, the font “droid arabic kufi” is used in all the website so please turn it back as it was

    – payment types still show in the product type “Guaranteed Safe Checkout” Thank you for removing anything related to online payment or pricing.

    I will edit my review.
    thank you



    I just hide your product and shopping cart prices, other parts I haven’t edited anything because your website uses RTL language which is difficult to edit. But okay, I will help you correct them.

    #1. Footer edit: please go to page Edit footer Elementor -> Click into Section or Elementor and edit color:

    #2. Let me know what font family do you want to use for this site, I will setup for you.

    #3. I removed it, please recheck.

    Hope you will edit your review.
    Many thanks!


    Yes please use “droid arabic kufi” for all typo in the website.

    here still have basket icons and shopping cart prices

    منتجات البنّة


    Hi again,

    I have just resolved all issues for you, please recheck and let me know if you need to help.

    And Hope you will edit your review and vote 5 stars for our team.
    Thanks and have a nice day!


    Thank you Billy
    I did change my review

    stay safe and have a good day


    Thank you for your awesome review. We are all happy to hear it. Your words and 5 star rating motivates us a lot to work hard and help you well.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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