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    Hi there,

    I hope you are doing a great time.

    There are two different versions of each product in our store and there are different variations within them. We dont wanna show some products on the shop and search results. There are gonna be at different section on shop.

    We set a dont show on the search results but it didint work . You can check screenshots or you can search this products.

    hawai früchte mix ( name product for search) ( we want this type products on search results ) ( we want to hide this type products on search results. ( Product settings ) ( Search Results )

    We dont wanna take order of just 100gr. hahahaha

    King Regards.


    Hi there,

    I have just checked and resolved this issue, please recheck your site.

    Support Expired

    Wow, it looks fixed. Thanks lot Billy.

    I really wonder about solution. How did this



    I have added code that checks the condition to display the results. This code is themed into the child-theme so when you update the main theme it will not be lost

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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