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    That is the notice of woocommerce when you turn on auto-generate account and password, this information will be sent via email. It will appear at the beginning and not after the registration is done.

    I have disabled this function for you, users can enter the password by themselves

    Hugo Ferreira
    Support Expired

    It even seems fine to me. Liked it. However, the required password is too long, can’t you reduce it?

    Hugo Ferreira
    Support Expired

    Billy. Help me please. I installed hubspot plugin to test chat functionality. But the contact form 7 form no longer works. And now we didn’t receive it in our email. Can you help us please?

    We are unable to receive email from customers.


    Hi again,

    I have checked your contact form, it is still working properly. Admin still receiving emails from customers:

    Hugo Ferreira
    Support Expired

    Hi Billy. How can I remove or edit this “menu” which is in English in the mobile and tablet version?



    Hi again,

    Please go to -> Footer Bar template:

    1. If you want to remove footer bar, please delete this template
    2. If you want to edit this menu, please go to edit with elemntor:

    Click Responsive Mode(1) -> Click Tablet or Mobile(2) -> Click Edit Widget (3) -> Change Title and link (4):

    Hugo Ferreira
    Support Expired

    Thanks Billy. I just can’t change the “search” text. Wanted to put search.

    And, I wish you a happy holiday for you and your entire family. Thanks for the support.


    I have just translated this text for you, please recheck.

    Merry Christmas and Happy new year!

    Hugo Ferreira
    Support Expired

    Hi Billy. This mobile icon is far removed from the text. Can’t you put it like the others?


    I have just fixed this issue, please recheck.

    Hugo Ferreira
    Support Expired

    Yes, now everything is on the left side. But can’t you stay in the center?



    Ok, please recheck:

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    Hugo Ferreira
    Support Expired

    Yes, now its correct. Thanks


    Ok, done.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 63 total)

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