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    I’m stuck on the Spacey Image Hotspots widget of the “Neighborhood” Page, also the “home 1” Page. How do I adjust the drop-pins? The Horizontal and Vertical position (in the Content Tab) does not move any of the Pins. I am using the Pin icon for all “Hotspots”. How do I adjust the Pin positions? Also, I would like to adjust the size of the Pin, but Style settings do not work for your widget.



    I fixed this issue, please recheck this widget:

    Support Expired

    Thank you! I am able to move the Pins, although now this has opened more concerns. (1) I received an email from WP that there is a fatal error in page “Test hotspot”, is this Page still necessary? I’m also no longer able to create a Production Backup (2) I assumed this section on the “Home 1” was the same in the “Neighborhoods” Page; but it appears I need to customize each independently, is this correct? (3) Appears you have changed the Advanced>Margin settings to (top -170 and btm 80) this is messing up the aesthetics of the section and pushing the background off; is this change necessary for your fix to the Pins? The header “Get to Know Your Neighborhood” is not visible on mobile. (4) I’ve modified the Style>Information>Padding for tablet and mobile, to give the image and text more space but the padding change is only showing through on “Hotspot Item #1”. It looks fine in Responsive Design mode looking at tablet and mobile from the WP Engine interface, but viewing on an actual phone/device it is not taking the change.



    #1. This is the error message when I was trying to fix the error for you, it has been resolved so you do not need to care about this message

    #2. If it shows the same, you can completely copy this section to the Neighborhoods page so you don’t have to customize it again.

    #3. Yes, I have customized the margin, it only changes the display position of this entire widget section without affecting the customizations in the widget, so you can edit it as you like.

    #4. Please delete all caches and recheck.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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