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    hi ı have a lot of new problem..

    my homepage dont change I will change my logo it doesnt work know and old one is not work too.. when ı change something home page stay same the another one is change it..

    pls [email protected] ertugrul erkoc skype info or another pls connect with me ı can not work…


    Hi there,

    You use WP Rocket plugin, so that when you edit your site, you need to delete all cache before check your site.


    yeah but the problem is not that for example when ı change the lang or any homepage name or another thinks the another page change but the first home page stay same like that that is change it because ı push the another category and that is the unchange ı did clear cache or eveythink everythink can change but that homepage dont work you can try that to for logo or lang

    ** and for lang ı will it must stay right up stay maybe you did 1 time change for lang area after that ı have the that problem….

    and ı found the for mobil shop symbol ı changeg it the link but ı dont want just for this page header and footer logo and lang can stay but the another thinks clear only ı want to see category

    for cartwhen ı change for items 2 forexample when ı did fort cart 3 it must quickly change dont refreshing and for mobil when ı push some produkt buy it ı must pus 2 time for bild 1 push 3 option come its ok but for buying add cart when I push here it must go my cart

    and for the items ı will choose kg-paket-or anythink and for some of the drink has the price it must be auto add for that problem pls contact to me [email protected] or Ertugrul Erkoc for skype thanks a lot

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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