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    Hi Team,

    I am trying to configure this theme on localhost through XAMPP. I have followed all the steps but I can’t see the complete home page. Only its menu and footer option is available. Please suggest.




    If you use theme setup and can’t import data, you can use WordPress Import via file freshio/dummy-data/content.xml.

    View guide at:

    Step 1: Login to your WordPress dashboard, and navigate to Tools Import. If the WordPress Importer is not yet installed, click Install Now. Install WordPress import

    Step 2: At the bottom part of the WordPress dashboard, click Run Importer under WordPress row. You will be redirected to WordPress Import screen.

    Step 3: Click Choose File and browse for the .xml file you have previously downloaded ( file on theme freshio/dummy-data/content.xml)

    Step 4: Click Upload file and import, and assign an author if you need to assign different author on it, then click Submit.

    Step 5: Wait for the importer to finish the import.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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