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    Yes, I fixed this issue, please recheck.

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    can you help me or tell me how to fix this problem?
    I want to translate “folow us” by “Suivez-nous”
    but there is a beug!
    as soon as I do it, my menu disappears, circled in red
    see screenshot


    Hi again,

    #1. Translate: I resolved this issue:

    #2. When you click on the icon to show information, like a pop-up pops up a block of information, the information behind will be dimmed or darkened to fucus into the main content that this menu displays. This is not an error but the principle of doing UI\UX in website design.
    Please read the matter carefully before asking questions like this

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    thank you for your answer, but as jz you said, the menu that I have surrounded you in red on my capture is missing! check yourself on any pc, tablet or mobile version there are no more my menus at the top of the page


    Do you mean missing the menu on the homepage?

    I have re-added this menu for you, please check

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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