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    your help please.

    1. In my account the menu on the left is not complete and I cannot scroll it (I made some edits trying to fix and nothing).
    2. I cannot delete the price rates from MY ACCOUNT since the confirmation message is not complete.
    3. I would like to know how to change the mountain image that appears in the background of the titles, I have tried and it has not been possible.
    4. The calendar within the page my account was wrongly translated is Monday: Lun, Tuesday: Mar, Wednesday: Mie (this is wrong), Thursday (Jue), Friday (Vie), Saturday (Sab) Sunday (Dom) (Note: the calendar is when a tour will be added).
    5. How can the lines of the review be changed? some do not apply for tours. Example: room
    6. Despite the fact that I have set the drop-down menu to be seen when accessed from a cell phone, it is not working for me. The menu just disappears
    7. How to change the mail where they are sent, order confirmations, etc. currently says [email protected] and sends it to spam.
    8. In the search engine, on the main page, in the date selection section, the word DATE FROM appears, which should say ┬┐En que fecha?.
    9. ORDEN DETAILS -) ORDEN DE COMPRA, PAYMENT LATER -) PAGO POR TRANSFERENCIA. change these words in the confirmation tab




    Hi there,

    Sorry for late response.

    #1, 2. I don’t understand this issue, please take a photo screenshot with description about your issue, I will check again

    #3. Please go to Templates -> Theme Builder -> Header -> Edit Header Builder -> Edit section -> Change background: https://prnt.sc/zyf48d

    #4. Your mean that translate this form: https://prnt.sc/zyg7z5 ?

    #5. You need to custom code this issue

    #6. I fixed it for you

    #7. Please follow guide at How to Send Email in WordPress using the Gmail SMTP Server

    #8. I fixed it

    #9. I translated it for you.

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    Please recheck your Admin web account, I can’t login your Dashboard

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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