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    There’s an update of freshio theme
    can you update it for me?
    please make sure data or customizations are not lost after update?


    Hi there,

    To update new version theme, please follow guide at https://byduoc.gitbook.io/update-template/

    Before update, please create backup data ( use All-in-One WP Migration Plugin/ or Duplicator Plugin ) and make sure that custom css and code are written in the child-theme.


    Using this method do i have to add new updated theme ?
    And will it replace all files with updated theme files?
    And if i replace all how child theme( with customisations ) will remain same

    And whats point 7 in above pic?



    No, when using this method, there will be a notification when a new theme version needs to be updated, you just need to click on update, the latest version will be updated for your website.


    But there’s not any theme update notification on admin
    I got just an email of evatotheme that theirs an freshio update and they sent me a download link


    Oh, when you update via plugin, you need to enter API key Envato to connect with ThemeForest.

    Update via download link: please go to link download, download new version theme and update via FTP account or
    Step 1: active default theme on your site

    Step 2: delete current freshio old version

    Step 3: Add new version theme download.


    Ok if i update via FTP
    I just have to replace old theme folder with new in themes folder?
    And will this update main theme or child theme?
    And whats about customisations in child theme will they be same as before?


    You just need to update for the main theme, no need to update the child theme because it contains your custom css and code.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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