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    Step 1: Install WordPress Import plugin

    Login to your WordPress dashboard, and navigate to Tools  Import. If the WordPress Importer is not yet installed, click Install Now.

    Step 2:

    At the bottom part of the WordPress dashboard, click Run Importer under WordPress row. You will be redirected to WordPress Import screen.

    Step 3:

    Click Choose File and browse for the .xml file you have previously downloaded.

    Find file content.xml at your-theme/dummy-data/content.xml
    Homepage: your-theme/dummy-data/homepage/home-x.xml
    Step 4: Click Upload file and import, and assign an author if you need to assign different author on it, then click Submit.

    Step 5:

    Wait for the importer to finish the import. In some cases, with a large file of import, errors could emerge due to its large amount of import. To prevent this, you must unchecked Download and import file attachments before submitting your preferences. Doing this will link the media file from the import source, so it means, if it doesn’t exist (import source site), your site won’t show media file. It’s only good for web hosting migration, but you should remain it checked if the existing import source in running or you have already place the previous media file to wp-contents  uploads as stated above. To be sure, you should always backup site contents using FTP.

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    Thank you for importing demo
    but I am confused on this line :

    Find file

    content.xml at your-theme/dummy-data/content.xml

    where I am going to find this ?


    Hi @jibas-poudel,

    Extract the theme-name.zip file and follow the path you will see theme-name/dummy-data/content.xml: https://ibb.co/3c65Xrc

    Support Expired

    What to fill next? Here in these fields https://yadi.sk/i/frDqZGoruULiJw


    Hi @pavel

    Please select your username in the field below

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