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    There is a problem with the template for rtl

    Full menus are not shown

    A part of the menu goes to the side of the screen and is not fully displayed

    how to add new special font for web site

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    this pic for menu problem
    1 menu

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    and secend proble
    not show sub megamenu to mobile

    pic 2
    2 mobile



    #1. Need to slightly customize the layout style for the RTL-specific layout.
    Please provide admin dashboard account so I can customize it for you.

    #2. Mega menu does not support Mobile, you can use submenu to replace this mega menu

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    You inserted the demo yourself
    rtl has a problem


    Yes, we don’t have experience working with RTL, so it’s inevitable to make mistakes when switching themes to RTL. Please take a screenshot and send me the RTL issues on your website for us to take care of.

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    In the new update, open the menu to the left
    The problem is clutter
    like before
    Please tell me what css code should be added

    1 menu


    You must modify the settings of the Elementor widget to match the RTL.
    Please send the admin web account again, I can’t login to the admin dashboard.

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    Well, fix the problem

    I have this problem every time you update the template


    Updating the theme does not affect your Elementor customizations, possibly because the cache has not been updated or cleared.
    It is best during the editing process, do not enable the cache plugin and do not need to update the theme.

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    I also cleared the cache and Elementor is up to date
    There is a problem with mega menu


    Please describe your problem in more detail so I can double check

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    1 menu

    This is the menu image on the rtl, which gets messed up every time the template is updated

    Now I understand that the problem is with the CSS themes version
    If I return the version to 1.1.0, my problem will be solved
    But there is a problem when it is 1.1.2

    Please give me a code that will not mess up the menu and it will be displayed in full


    I see the Mega menu is still displaying normally, the error is not related to the theme’s updates, maybe it’s affected by your own customizations when updating the Megamenu content:

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    I reverted to the previous version
    When you update to the new version, it becomes a problem

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