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    Hi, we’ve detected an issue on the Product Tabs, on the homepage.
    We are trying to use it to show the featured products on all and on each category.
    We’ve it set to 8 products per page, but it only displays one.
    On the print below we show the section that we’re talking about and the options on the Product Tabs.

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    Support Expired

    Hi, we’ve an issue on the shopping cart hover.
    The text on the proceed to checkout is the same colour of the background.
    We’ve tried to change it with CSS, but it changes the colour of the text below and on other parts of the website.

    Other issue is with the mobile version. On some browsers, on the homepage, it cuts the products in half on the product tabs, and on others it doesn’t display any products.
    On the print below we show how it’s displaying on some android browsers and on the iphone.


    1. I fixed this issue, please recheck.

    2. When you use the tabs widget in combination with the carousel, the image in lazyload mode won’t load at first and so you only see the height of the original text and the image is cropped 1/2.
    It is best to leave the product in grid form and set 2 columns on mobile for the products to display normally.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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