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    by testing the site as it is “”, I noticed a new bug.
    If I am not registered, by placing my mouse over the “my account” icon, at the top right, I have the possibility of “creating an account”. There, if I click on the character, he asks me to connect (idiot since I can do it before arriving there) or to enter an email address, on the right, to register. Except that I haven’t been asked for a password. So it’s silly since I need one to connect.
    Then, if I do not click on the “character” pictogram and I click on “create an account”, there, I return to my native administration, ie at Ionos, with request for login and password.
    Thank you for your help because I have lots of bugs that prevent me from putting my client’s site online.



    It’s default form register from WordPress, but I have just fixed into Woocommerce page register form for you.
    With Woocommerce page, when you register account, you need to add email and then, new password will send via your email register.

    Check at: when you logout account


    which means that you intervened on the site? Awesome, thank you


    Yes, please check your site.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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