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    I almost completed the new site with your Triply Theme Home1 and I think I need some professional help to make it nicer and faster. Please check below and I’d appreciate it if you give me a quote for those services.

    1. Create mobile menu-full screen menu: see image link for reference. You can make an English version and allow me to change it to Korean later.

    2. The contents right below the slide section in the Booking Objects are not neatly arranged right now. I’d like to make them all in line in 3 columns and rows and look good just like your demo, and would be good to add icons before each title if possible.

    -Title in English from the left-
    tour price, tour duration, maximum reservations
    departure day, departure city, travel type.

    3. The picture in the slide has the vertical gap between pix and do you think it’s fixable?

    4. Separate sticky header and booking button for Booking Objects pages-see image link for reference.

    Sticky header for Booking Objects pages: Back arrow with current tour title that customer watching, share icon+wishlist icon+home icon

    Booking button in the bottom: phone icon+online chat icon+booking button

    5. Perfect Destination on Mobile- I requested this before and you fixed it but it keeps changing back to 1 column. When adjusting the margin it comes back to 2 columns but it won’t stay long and back to 1 column after refreshing. so strange.

    6. Simple and Pretty top button right above chat button-see image for reference. I’m gonna move the chat button to the right and you can make the top button right above it both desktop and mobile. I don’t like the design of the current top button from the Scroll top plug-in.

    6. Optimization Service-current website is quite slow and needs to be optimized. Please make it super fast.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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