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    Whenver someone visit the website and opens any product the in product by brands every brand is shown even though that particular product is there in the brand or not. ( for example, When someone clicks smartphone category then the filter by brands show all the brands even though boat and many other brands don’t even have smartphones). So how can i edit that when some clicks on that particular category only brands which consist of that category are only shown no other than that. suppose if someone visit smartphone than only smartphone brands are shown, if someone visit Accessories than only brands that consist accessories are shown.


    Ok, I fixed this issue.

    You need to use Widget Filter Product by Attribute:

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    Thankyou for fixing that but why only some brands are shown in this not every brand are shown in the Attributes by brand. Suppose if you will go for airpods & Buds then only boat is showing whereas you can see there are airbuds of many brands.


    Hi again,

    It seems that these attributes are not properly saved in the database, I tried setting the attribute again and save changes, the filter by brand section showed the brand containing the product.

    You need to update the brand for the products by editing product -> Edit Attribute -> Add brand again -> Save Attributes -> Save change product:

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    You mean to say that I have to do it on every product one by one.


    Yes, you need to update for each product

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    No other alternate way in which i can do it in bulk


    Each item has a different brand, so the only way is to update each product

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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