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    If you klick on a main menute item on a Tablet, the sub menue will be shown shortly but then the main menue item page will be opened. This is not very userfriendly. How can I change that behavior?


    tablet version haven’t enough area to show the full menu. So that, we use icon menu and popup menu to show full menu when click.
    I think it’s ok.


    On a Tablet, if you have a link on the main menue item, it will go directly to this link instead of showing the sub menue.


    Hi, On Tablet, to show submenu, you need to click Icon plus: https://photos.app.goo.gl/kEad1nFnq3RWMdvj8

    This reply has been marked as private.
    This reply has been marked as private.

    Why do you post my URL here? I do not want that. Please mark your answer as private.
    This has nothing to do with the Icons issue. The issue here is as follow:
    On my tablet is the normal Desktop menue shown and not the mobile (touch optimized) menue.
    As you can see in the Video, If I click on the main menue Item, the Sub Menue is shown for a half second, but then automatically the clicked main menue Link is loading. I am not able to click on the +-Icon on the Tablet.


    Hi again,

    Please recheck your account, I can’t login your admin web: https://prnt.sc/vx578i

    All your issues, our team was tried to help you, but you voted 1 star for us???/
    Why? Do you don’t satisfied with our help? https://prnt.sc/vx58p1

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    I have the same issue on your demo Site. So it’s not something special to my instance. Seems like a bug.

    It works in portrait Mode: https://ibb.co/n7DvTFd
    But not in landscape Mode: https://ibb.co/zXTbS65

    Please fix this bug. No, I’m unsatisifed with the support as written in the review.


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    I have the same issue on your demo site, so it’s nothing specific with my instance. Seems like a bug for me.

    My tablet: Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab 10.10″

    Landscape Mode: https://ibb.co/zS69729
    Not Ok

    Portrait Mode: https://ibb.co/RQ46RR3


    Hi again,

    Sorry, I don’t understand your issue. I checked our demo on the tablet and it is still running normally.

    Please make us clear your expectation. Take a photo with a description of your issue, I will check again.



    I fixed the menu on Tablet Landscape – use Menu Offcanvas for your site

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