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    -Hi Mr, billy, how are you man, I have some questions and suggestions:
    Please if you could to show how I can make accordion of the tour plan always opening and the to questions as well.

    Image 1 accordion tour plan:
    image 2 accordion question:

    -The deposit is not working and not showing on the checkout page
    Image 1 deposit:

    -this section not showing as well
    Image 1 section:

    -the book now button for mobile and tablet not showing
    image 1 Button:

    -is there any possibility to resize those images to the exact size I’m working on the speed of the pages as max as possible
    the normal size now is 820×520 I’m looking to choose the exact size of the box.

    Image 1:

    the last one is: on the tour page at the column where the booking form finds I don’t know if I can have there the book now button only the button linked with another page where the booking form where the guest can find the booking form and some reviews.
    I mean if I can create another page and each page has a booking form related to each tour more explain can I create another page with a booking form or can I know the id of the booking form for each tour to be able to call any booking form of any tours when I create a new page. I hope you understand what I want to say and thank you.

    image 1:

    this picture explains more about what I’m looking for exact

    thank you again


    Hi you,

    #1. accordion: You need to override the template triply/template-parts/booking/single/steps.php and triply/template-parts/booking/single/faqs.php in the childd-theme, add the class “block_active” to the <div class="block_step_title"> and <div class="block_step_content">

    #2. Fixed deposit amount : We are asking the development team about this function

    #3. I added this item widget for your single tour template, please recheck:

    #4. the book now button : I added this button for you

    #5. We define this image size and call it in this widget’s template. If you want to change this size, you have to declare another image size, use: add_image_size(‘your -name-size’, width, height), then call this name size in the overridden widget template file into the child-theme:
    Ex: copy file /triply/template-parts/booking/block/item-block-1.php and paste to child-theme, and edit
    $image_srcs = wp_get_attachment_image_src( get_post_thumbnail_id( $post['ID'] ), 'triply-item' );
    => $image_srcs = wp_get_attachment_image_src( get_post_thumbnail_id( $post['ID'] ), 'your-name-size' );

    #6. Sorry, the plugin doesn’t support this issue.

    Support Expired

    Hi Billy,
    I’m still waiting for the answers of the deposit question :

    (-The deposit is not working and not showing on the checkout page
    Image 1 deposit:


    Please I have here some other questions
    from where you call all those CSS and js files or which file you use to t call CSS/JS files
    I looking to minimize them and thank you in advance


    Hi you,

    #1. When you use the booking rule with “Pay deposit” or “Pay deposit or full amount” option, the deposit amount is calculated based on % in the rule from the reservation total amount
    But you can override this calculation on the booking object level and setup fixed deposit amount for tour/property.

    #2. The css, js files are called in both the theme and the plugin, so to optimize these files please use the plugin.

    Follow guide at

    Support Expired

    I try all that ordered me to do (fixed deposits, Percentage) but still deposit to pay not showing on the checkout page. I sent the login details before to please if you could fix this problem and thank you in advance

    for the CSS /js files, I would like to know which file you use to call it.

    for the minification, I going to use premium plugins (wp-rocket).
    further, in front of the page, there are some CSS code can you please help me to hide it fromù the front page


    #1.Ok, please follow guide at here:

    Step 1: Go to Admin dashboard -> BA Booking Everything -> Booking rules -> Create new Booking rule -> Select Payment model:
    As an example, I choose deposit and full

    Step 2: Go to BA Booking Everything -> Booking Categories -> Edit your category (Tour) -> Select Booking rule created in step 1:

    Step 3: Enter Fixed Deposit amount:

    The amount to be paid in advance or paid in full will be displayed for you to choose:

    #2. I have created zip file with css and html, please clear all cache on browser and test with incognito browser.

    Support Expired

    Hi, Billy How are you man, I hope you keep safe: I face just one problem here with the theme when I create new booking objects. on the page where I add the details of the tour the booking type, and booking location is missing or not showing as you see o the image below:

    please Billy, if you could, help me to resolve this problem and I’m really sorry for bothering you thank’s a lot for all your help.



    Booking location is displayed in the Taxonomies and Other fields section, please check again:

    Support Expired

    HI Mr billy, How are you man,
    I face a problem with Elementor Pro I trying to update it but it’s a field, and he show to me the message below


    I have just updated the latest version Elementor Pro plugin for you, please recheck.

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