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    Dear team,

    I did email before purchase for my query and team never mentioned that you simply use this BA booking which is so so complicated.

    All i need a simple travel site but no online booking but i need price table on each travel deal.

    eg .. 7 nights to atlantis in dubai – price is £999 per person …so at the bottom of deal there is price table for 12 months (including each month with different board basis prices) ..

    I dont need online booking.

    I have to feed so much so much information on BA booking which is not SEO or gutenberg friendly so how it will help me to rank on google.

    I have spent already lot of money on logo and now really confused how this theme will work for me.

    Home page is perfect as per theme but i need even changes on those …

    Please let me know how to get support ..


    Hi you,

    1. If you don’t need Online booking, you can turn off the booking form, only display the information of the booking tour
    2. The information of the tour booking is very basic, if you don’t need to use a certain field, you can remove it through the custom elementor.
    3. If you don’t know how to customize, we can totally assist you for free or paid with your further requirements.


    Dear Billy

    Thanks a lot for reply. Billy is there any i can email you direct what i want from theme so you can guide me with your expertise.

    Please have a look details below what i need from theme which is simple site :

    1) Logo : How to zoom it as there are no theme settings like other themes ? or please let me know exact logo pixel size with setting to get more space on menu as space is very limited on menu?

    2) How to stop online bookings on BA plugin ?

    3) I want to convert “book this tour” on right hand side to inquiry form which will appear on each page of tour (its already there currently)

    4) I can change tour 1 on elimentor but “book this tour” and other i cannot so i need elimentor pro for this ?

    5) Price calender, I want only one page which include 4 rows and 12 columns (so all months with different options like BB , HB options) …so only 1 page for price

    6) IF I disable function of BA booking , then does my plugin rank math will work for SEO as it does on wordpress editor ?

    Please reply this step by step so i can try to fix it asap or please let me know if i can contact direct…

    thanks a lot


    hello …

    Honestly its more than 24 hours and really struggling for support…

    Elementor Pro is also not working.. I have tried to delete and then downloaded as per this forum .not working as well.

    I really need support as small customisation needed but really struggling to contact team as really slow in response


    Dear Billy …

    Honestly very slow response.. I have emailed as well but no reply..

    Please understand importance of business as i have things committed and cannot afford to waste my all time waiting for reply..


    First, please read our notice carefully:
    Our working hours (GMT + 7) – Monday-Friday: 8.00 a.m – 5.00 p.m – Saturday, Sunday – Closed.
    The ticket you sent is on Saturday, so it will be replied on Monday. We need time after a stressful working week, unable to respond immediately to your request whenever you submit a request.

    #1. Please go to homepage -> Hover to Edit with Elementor ( Admin menu topbar) -> Click to HeaderBuilder: https://prnt.sc/N7njfPHR8sPq ->edit header with Elementor -> Click Edit logo -> Tab Style -> Change width:https://prnt.sc/RQXDDkDkj0GN

    #2. You just need to remove the tour booking button and replace it with a contact form

    #3. We use Elementor template to customize sections in single tour page, so you can easily edit this page through Elementor template: https://wpdocs.gitbook.io/triply/ba-booking/page-setup/5.-tour-detail

    Please go to Admin dashboard -> Templates -> Saved Templates -> Click All -> Click tab Single Post -> Select Tour Detail template ( Tour detail 2) -> Edit with Elementor: https://prnt.sc/jVO7QungPFzf
    -> Click Edit Booking form -> Delete this form -> Add your form: https://prnt.sc/IemmGTWvqrW5

    #4.The Elementor Pro plugin is already attached to the theme when you install the demo, please see the instructions on how to edit the Elementor single tour templates above.

    #5. We are using the default functionality of the BA Booking plugin, unfortunately we cannot support your request

    #6. The tour booking function does not affect your SEO related customizations

    #7. Elementor Pro: please readmore at here: https://pavothemes.com/forums/topic/how-to-update-plugin-elementor-pro-the-latest-version/


    Dear billy .

    Wow great to see reply ….please note elementor is not working at all now …i have tried to upgrade 7 times and not working at all….even your license on my theme now deactivated …

    I need inquiry form with extra field like adding departure dates , list of all hotel names (already through all tour post) , board basis (like half board , all inclusive) ..

    So how that will work billy ..


    Dear Billy,

    1) Sorry elementro Pro is not working as I tried all as latest updates..

    2) Also icons are not showing up ?

    3) I can change tour templates on elementor but dont have any clue how to add new fields on BA plugins ..like i need to add board basis BB, HB and All inclusive ,departure dates and all. so how that will work on BA plugin..

    4) Design of theme is all depend on this plugin ..no theme page modification or any apart form elementor and plugin ..

    5) SEO : how to use rank math plugin for BA plugin tour details as i have hotel description goes into it and is that SEO friendly to rank on google .Because its not post and through plugin ?

    Please clarify this points in details so i can working now on my project



    #1. Elementor Pro: Please read the article below carefully to understand this issue better: https://pavothemes.com/forums/topic/how-to-update-plugin-elementor-pro-the-latest-version/
    Right from the installation, we activated this plugin for you, but you are trying to connect and update to the latest version, which leads to the plugin being locked.
    So please provide your website admin account so we can reactivate it for you.

    #2. Inquiry form: This is a custom form, you can use the Elementor Form widget to add custom fields as you like.

    You ask a lot of things related to this topic, and it seems that you don’t know much about this type of topic. We urge you to carefully read the theme and plugin documentation we provide to better understand the issues. With problems beyond your ability, it’s best to ask us to customize to avoid wasting your time, we also can’t guide you more specifically and in detail.

    #3. Icons are not showing up: Please be more specific or take a screenshot on this, you didn’t provide your website link so I can’t check it

    #4. To add custom fields, please see instructions here: https://ba-booking.com/ba-book-everything/documentation/customization/add-custom-fields/

    #5. – In terms of functionality, we use BA Booking plugin
    – For content management and layout building, we use the Elementor plugin
    Please follow guide at: https://wpdocs.gitbook.io/triply

    #6. Booking object is also a post type of wordpress, it is just defined as a different post type for the purpose of displaying other information more advanced than normal post. The SEO plugin is completely applicable to this post.

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    Ok, I have received your email, I will review and reply to you soon


    thank a lot billy..

    looking forward for positive response soon

    thanks a lot once again

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