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    1 – arabic dropdown menu i cons is not showing.
    2 – the arrow dircuction in dropdown is not rtl Arabic is rtl .
    3 – i cannot find how to change the phone number in the header in arabic page .


    Hi there,

    #1,2. Please take a photo screenshot about this issue, I don’t understand your issue.

    #3. I fixed this issue, please recheck


    where i can upload the screenshots ?
    and for no #3 the phone number order is not right show me how you did that so i can modify it later .



    You can update via your website and send link for me.

    #3. Please go to page Edit Phone number header -> Click edit and add phone number: https://prnt.sc/11orkkz


    icons and arrow appearing normally here the icons in the menu is apearing normally

    this is the arabic “rtl” this is the arabic



    You need to add icon for Arabic language menu: https://prnt.sc/11qb9oq


    I did but its not appearing


    any update regarding the icons to be shown in Arabic ?


    Hi again,

    About this issue, We are still testing your problem and solving it as soon as we find a solution, please wait next time.


    hi …hope you had find something .. my client is pushing



    I tried to add icon class for menu Arabic and it’s ok now: https://prnt.sc/128s82a




    this footer is translated to Arabic language and Arabic is RTL so the title of each section is not vertical to is content , the title should be directly above the content … thanks to help with this ..


    Hi again,

    Do you use this theme for new domain: https://maalembarka.maalembarka.com

    We only support 1 purchase code for 1 domain, if you use this same purchase code for another domain that we are supporting, we will stop supporting you here.
    Please provide purchase codes for both domains if you want to continue using our support service.



    the problem of the icons happened again … the problem was in the “home delivery” menu the icons appear correctly … but in the arabic menu is not appearing …. this happened before and you fixed it … i am afraid this will happen again .. so plz tell me how you did that.


    I can’t login your admin dashboard, please check and send Admin web account for me again.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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